DeskNearMe APP

To let people find available desk in coffeshop/co-working space around him to work in certain time.

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Why this app is needed

Freelancers, open source lovers and startup folks regularly need to find a desk outside their home for using their computer in a calm and productive environment. But it is not always easy to find those places. Individually, users have hard time to build their own list of places which fit their computer-related (or not) activities, but as a group, it can be pretty fast to gather and use a collection of those places. We need an app to help those users to share and retreive the location and commodity information of their favorite working places.

User Stories

Software Freelancer

Selected Tech for prototype (target for hackaton)

Selected Tech post-prototype

Behavior Design

Contribute Desk Information

Any people can add a place with 

Find A Desk

As a software freelancer, I launch the app on my phone, the app display nearest desk around him in

Edit My Preference

As a software freelancer, I prefer the space has good light, fast wireless speed, comfortable table and chair. of course, the space should provides some drinks, simple food I could order.

so I

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